Tarot Card Thursdays ~ The Card No One Should Fear

Chances are, even if you know nothing about the Tarot, you know one thing; the Death card.  Poor Death, always maligned.  Every horror film that touches on divination and uses the Tarot will, without a doubt, focus on the Death card in a spread often with grisly results.

Well, let’s lay those rumors to rest, shall we.  The Death card, I feel, is anything but negative.  Often, a person who seeks out a reading should welcome the Death card in their spread.  My experience is that people seeking a Tarot reading are often seeking change, a purge or transformation in their lives; what better way than with the card that does all that in one shot.

I’ve included some Keywords that are often used to explain this card:

  • Ending of a cycle——Loss——Conclusion——Sadness
  • Transition into a new state——Psychological transformation
  • Finishing up——Regeneration——Elimination of old patterns
  • Being caught in the inescapable——Good-byes——Deep change

I chose the painting, Thanatos by  Jacek Malczewski, for my Death card.  In this image you see the spectre of death, an otherworldly woman wielding a scythe while gently closing the eyelids of an elderly man with her left hand.  This piece really spoke to me.  Often with the Death card we are shown a battle dressed or rampaging skeleton, instead we are treated to the gentle touch of a female avatar of death; her visage both indifferent and serene.  I also adore the image of the old man peacefully submitting and accepting his fate, so different than how most artists would interpret the end of life, especially in the 19th Century.  Often, we let ourselves go kicking and screaming into change or transformation; fearful of the unknown.  Herein lies the lesson; change is only as scary as you let it be, just like the Death card.

Number 13 ~ The Death Card ~ Jacek Malczewski


One thought on “Tarot Card Thursdays ~ The Card No One Should Fear

  1. Have I told you yet that I really can’t wait til your tarot deck is finished! Every new glimpse makes me more impatient to get it in my hands! Continue the good work!

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