Tarot Thursdays ~ Ace of Cups

Happy “Tarot Thursday” everyone.  Today I want to showcase a new card from the Minor Arcana that I haven’t yet revealed.   Today’s card is, The Ace of Cups.  I just want you to know, I do not consider myself a master of the Tarot but one with a strong working knowledge of the deck and its symbolism.  Throughout this project, I do believe that every painting has helped me to understand it a bit better than the last.
What I set out to do with this deck was keep it fairly close to A.E. Waite’s traditional divinatory descriptions.  What I didn’t want, was to be unnecessarily chained to the idea of matching every illustration exactly.  Within this deck you will find images, mainly in the Major Arcana, that are uncannily reflective of the traditional illustrations and other paintings that, although emote the feeling and emotions of the card descriptions, don’t match Pamela Colman Smith’s illustrations; the  Ace of Cups is one such card.
Here you see Odilon Redon’s pastel work, The Birth of Venus.  It is one of my favorite versions of this often repeated subject and what better image to evoke the wellspring of emotional force and love than the Goddess of Love herself.
Here are some keywords used to describe The Ace of Cups in a spread:
  • Love
  • Emotional Force
  • Intuition
  • Intimacy
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Overwhelming Emotion

Ace of Cups ~ Birth of Venus by Odilon Redon


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